Our Belt System

Colored belts (Obi) have their origin in Judo, as does the training gi, or more correctly in Japanese, dōgi. In Kyokushin the order of the belts varies in some breakaway groups, the kyu ranks (colored levels before black belt) are as follows:

Mukyu Purity White (Shiro obi)
10th Kyu Balance and Coordination Orange Belt (Orenji-iro obi)
9th Kyu Orange With Blue Stripe
8th Kyu Fluidity and Adaptability Blue Belt ((Mizu-iro obi)
7th Kyu Blue With Yellow Stripe
6th Kyu Assertion Yellow Belt (Ki-iro obi)
5th Kyu Yellow With Green Stripe
4th Kyu Emotion and Sensitivity Green Belt (Midori obi)
3rd Kyu Green With Brown Stripe
2nd Kyu Practical and Creative Brown Belt (Cha Obi)
1st Kyu Brown With Black Stripe
1st Dan Achievement Black Belt 1st Sho-Dan (Kuro Obi)
2nd Dan Fitness, Power Black Belt 2nd Ni-Dan
3rd Dan Timing, speed Black Belt 3rd San-Dan
4th Dan Timing, speed Black Belt 4th Yon-Dan
5th Dan Awareness Black Belt 5th Go-Dan
6th Dan Awareness Black Belt 6th Roku-Dan
7th Dan Experience, Attunement Black Belt 7th Sichi-Dan
8th Dan Experience, Attunement Black Belt 8th Hachi-Dan
9th Dan Compassion, Understanding Black Belt 9th Ku-Dan
10th Dan Universal, Love, Oneness Black Belt 10th Zu-Dan