Fighter's Corner

Our karate classes consist of a healthy balance of traditional karate techniques (kihons), forms (kata), and fighting (kumite). For those interested in improving their fighting techniques, and getting more opportunities to practice kumite, we offer specialized classes on Thursday's and Saturday's.

Karate Tansei has been supporting an elite competitive team since 2016. The members of the elite team consist of karatekas from ages 7 and above who want to compete. These members are expected to go above and beyond normal training in order to achieve high ranking results.

Thanks to a special committee of dedicated parents and experienced karatekas who help organize activities throughout the year that help raise funds to defray competition costs.

In a given year, our elite members are expected to participate in most of the local tournaments in the surrounding area, and up to 2 long-distance tournaments, as well, some will participate in one international tournament. Last year, our dojo was able to support 4 members to participate in the International Dream Festival Karate Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition, our dojo hosts approximately 1 junior karate match (JKM) per month, available exclusively to our students, and 2 Canadian Open Junior Karate Matches per year open to all Canadian Shinkyokushin members. Monthly JKMs also give an opportunity for our referees to maintain their skillset.

Junior Karate Match

Our Junior Karate Matches are conducted approximately once a month and follow strict kyokushin rules. This is a great opportunity to introduce students to competition, as well as allow our experienced competitors to constantly improve their fighting skills. These events also give an opportunity to are referees to maintain their skills.

Our next JKM is scheduled for December 12, 2019.

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Local Competitions

We encourage our students to participate in local kyokushin based competitions, in and around the Montreal area. We are fortunate to be able to participate at approximately 8 local competitions a year.

Fighting Spirit
Budo Chall

Long-Distance Competitions

Long-distance competitions consists of those that require a stay-over. For example, Quebec-City, New York, etc. We are constantly on the lookout for reputable kyokushin competitions that offer a unique experience for our students.

Quebec City


We are fortunate that our global organization has 98 affliated countries and many host competitions. With the help of our fund-raising committee who are dedicated to our elite team, we can participate around the world. In 2018, our dojo was able to support 4 karatekas to participate in the Dream Festival Karate Championship in Tokyo, Japan, where 20 other countries participated among the over 3000 participants.

Special Trainings

Several times a year there are special trainings for general karate as well as kumite specific. We are proud to cooperate very closely with West-Island Karate (Shihan John Kalaidopoulos) in this aspect during our inter-dojo trainings. Visit our Events page for upcoming seminars.

Elite Team

Our Elite team comprises of coaches, athletes, and volunteers that support the team. The athletes are selected based on their performance both at tournaments and at the dojo and evaluated once a year.

Here the list of members of our elite team for the current year (Sept 2018 - Sept 2019). Last updated on January 22, 2019. *New list for 2019-2020 will be published on October 19,2019

Role Prenom / First Name Nom / Last Name Depuis / Since Resp
Coach Luciano Paparella sept, 2016
Coach Marisa Leone sept, 2016
Coach Michael Perrone sept, 2016
Coach Gianmarco Siino sept, 2016
Admin Lien Trihn sept, 2018 Statistics
Admin Erik Groeneveld sept, 2018 Statistics
Athlete Michael Perrone sept, 2016
Athlete Charlie-Rose Casavant sept, 2016
Athlete Hugo Groeneveld sept, 2016
Athlete Kelly Patrouille sept, 2016
Athlete Malek Haddallah sept, 2016
Athlete Malik Haddallah sept, 2016
Athlete Mackenzie Patrouille sept, 2016
Athlete Emma Rosero sept, 2016
Athlete Lina Ladjouzi sept, 2018
Athlete Niko Gaudreault sept, 2018
Athlete Carlos Arana-Posada sept, 2018
Athlete Gabrielle Volpi Nov, 2018
Athlete Samy Ferhi Nov, 2018

Karate-Tansei's competitive team committee members consists of dedicated parents and experienced karatekas. The members of this committee is re-elected every September. The current committee members for September 2018 to September 2019 are:

  • Marisa Leone, President
  • Luciano Paparella, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Manon Shedleur
  • Erik Groeneveld
  • Lien Trinh
  • Laura Caporuscio
  • Gianmarco Siino
  • Esther Luyckx
  • Janik Ouellet

Volunteer members of the competitive team are:

  • Louise Chapleau
  • Evelyne Arana
  • Amina Naciri
  • Marianne Rivard

Referees that have taken training classes with us are:

  • Luciano Paparella
  • Marisa Leone
  • Michael Perrone
  • Robert Angers
  • Francis Beausejours
  • Alessia Paparella
  • Leana Paparella
  • Gianmarco Siino
  • Katherine Perrone
  • Paul Gioia
  • Gianni Leone
  • Anthony Butera
  • Lien Trinh


Our dojo is affilated with Sports Physio and offers physio therapy to our students at a moderate price. Click this link to book an appointment.